Preventative Maintenance


Air Conditioning and Process Refrigeration chillers require preventive maintenance at regular intervals to improve chiller reliability and prevent catastrophic failure.

Preventive maintenance pays for itself by identifying chiller service problems early enough to reduce overall repair cost, allow for scheduled repairs and prevent costly downtime. Part of any good preventive maintenance program is non-destructive testing techniques to diagnose the internal mechanical condition. Establishing mechanical and electrical baselines for comparison against future deterioration trends is critical.

  • Oil analysis
  • Refrigerant analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Eddy current testing
  • Resistance testing
  • Mechanical alignment & run out
  • Refrigerant leak testing
  • Operational system logs
  • Clean heat exchangers – brush tubes/wash coils
 Our expert analysis includes all of the above plus a complete operational log which forms the basis for your facility’s unique, predictive maintenance program.

Let Comfort Solutions design a Preventive Maintenance Program for your Commercial Air Conditioning or Industrial Process Chillers.





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